5 tips to prepare your home for a puppy

Thursday 09 Aug 2018

Having a place on your own where you can do whatever you like without asking permission to someone is one of the best part in moving in to your new home but also an emotional part at the same time. Once you have fixed your home with all the pictures on the wall and having to explore your new neighbourhood, you would sometimes feel like it’s not “home”. That’s a normal feeling after moving in to your new place, like something is missing or maybe you just want company on your new home. Someone you can take care, maybe a pet who can accompany you on your home. Having a pet is also similar to real parenthood but less responsibility compare to having a baby.

There are many of options to have for a pet, especially for beginner pet owners. You can choose from fish and cats. However, having an adorable puppy in your home running around the place, meeting you halfway when you arrive home from work, surely feels like home. Dogs are affectionate and loyal. They are also known for having an instinct to human emotions, therefore they are the best company you can have at your home, especially for someone who lives alone. There are a lot of breeds to choose, depending on your likes and the size of your home as well. However, some parts of your lifestyle will surely change once you have decided to have a puppy, since they needed to be trained and supported as they grow with the family and surroundings. The benefits you can get are worth the investment and as long as you keep these 5 tips in mind, you two will be fine along the way to the best part of your lives without you even noticing it.

1. Safety first

One of the many approach parents use to child proof their home is the same as with puppies too. Before you have the puppy in your home, check through all the rooms in the house and keep all the things that might cause harm to your puppy. Things like, chords should be keep out of reach or secured in a chew proof tubing. Cupboards and doors that’s easily reachable should be secured with child proof locks and everyone in the household must be trained to keep the toilet lid down. If there are areas in the house you don’t want them to get in to, block them or it’s even better to lock them instead of cleaning the mess all the time.

2. Chew proofing

Puppies tend to chew everything they saw in their way and this is there form of exploring around the new home. They will surely chew most of your stuff since it smells like you, which mostly happen in your bedroom. The damage they can do to your stuffs can surely be overwhelming. Some habits you have should also be changed once you have a puppy, these habits like, kicking your shoes off anywhere on the floor or hanging your jacket on a reachable place for them when you arrive home and leaving doors open to places you don’t want them to mess around. Keep in mind that every new things or area is always a time for them to satisfy their curiosity. Protecting areas of furnitures and other things that you don’t want to be the subject of their chewing is a must. Having an actual chew toy for your pets can also be a great help.

3. Choke and swallow proofing

The need to remove things so that your dogs can’t chew them, you should also remove things for your dogs’ safety too. The list of the things your dogs can put into their mouth are countless and there’s a possibility that they can swallow it, if they can’t chew it which can lead to choking hazard. Things like remote control with loose back covers that can easily release batteries, clothespin, socks, earrings, razors, light globes, sofa cushions, dental floss and a lot more. There are a lot of things that can be left unintentionally around the house that can cause danger. Same goes with children, you should always lock or keep out of reach poisonous things like cleaning chemicals. If you’re puppy is showing signs they like to chew on things and they could have swallowed something, getting a pet insurance for them could be a big help before they get into trouble.

4. Toilet training

A toilet routine is needed especially if your dog stays indoor most of the time. You can start training your puppy as soon as they move in the house, always remember that consistency is the key and initiating a routine will get both of you into a good pattern and can lessen the accidents inside the house. You need to take your puppy outside the house first thing in the morning and last thing at night, and letting them access outside the house on a regular basis throughout the day. Letting them get used to a spot where they can use everytime they do their toilet routine is a big help as well. However, if they did something inside by mistake, make sure to clean it well so that they can’t smell it and to avoid it to happen again. Also, if your puppy makes mistake never ever rub your puppy’s nose. Once they did toileting outside, reward them immediately by giving them small treats with lots of praises.

5. Dog vibes

When you have a dog, they sometimes take over the entire house or they become part of the furniture, making them like a “dog person”. To reduce chunk of unattractive hair, putting safety rugs over sofas and teaching the dog to go outside the house for their toilet routine will reduce smells in the home. Comparing having a dog is like having children is very useful, considering the dog is also your child. To keep your house look tidy, never leave toys and dog stuffs scatter all over the house, this will also teach your dogs that they do not own all the space in the house. Allocate a box for all the puppy toys, washing soft toys and blankets regularly and getting fresh air inside the house can lessen the smell of dog pee, dog food, hairy dog, wet dog and so on. They are lovable but they are also still an animal, paying attention to the basics will keep the two of you loved up in domestic bliss with a long and happy future together.